This week in healthcare – News from around the web

Doctors at hospital chain giant performed unnecessary cardiac work, increasing profits – In one incident, an expert described how a woman with no significant heart disease went into cardiac arrest after a vessel was cut when a Bayonet Point cardiologist inserted an unnecessary stent, a meshlike device that opens coronary arteries.

How Do We Bend the Cost Curve? Reduce the Waste – Nearly a third of our health care costs come from wasteful spending and inefficiencies that could be avoided. By identifying waste in the delivery system and systematically reducing it, we could lower costs without resorting to budget cuts and fees that compromise the quality of care.

Prostate cancer surgery fails to cut deaths in study – Prostate cancer surgery didn’t appear to save lives compared with observation alone in a new study that tracked men for a decade after their diagnosis.

Cholesterol Test With Only a Photo of Patient’s Hand – A non-invasive and inexpensive method for cholesterol screening would allow this risk factor be determined in much larger patient populations without the need for costly and inconvenient blood tests.

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