This week in healthcare – News from around the web

Reaching the end of PSA screening – Based on the USPSTF’s assessment, the harms of the PSA test’s downstream consequences are very likely to outweigh any potential health benefits.

Obama and Insurers Join to Cut Health Care Fraud – For example, the new venture could identify a doctor who bills Medicare and two private insurers for a total of more than 24 hours of work in a single day.

The Testing Glut -In case you missed it, a recommendation came out last month that physicians cut back on using 45 common tests and treatments.

Curious about what really is and isn’t in the Affordable Care Act? This Health Reform Quiz and interactive feature will help.

Are ACOs the answer for Medicaid? – The ACO model is starting to gain momentum with policymakers, who think a similar model of global payments and incentives can achieve the coveted trifecta of improved physician payments, better coordination of care and lower overall costs.

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