This week in healthcare – News from around the web

Progress in Quest to Reduce Use of Radiation in Treatment of Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma – Trial shows young patients with early-stage Hodgkin lymphoma can be cured without undergoing either irradiation or intensive chemotherapy that would leave them at risk for second cancers, infertility, heart and other problems later.

Stress Echo in Asymptomatic Patients After Revascularization ‘Not Worth It’ – An observational study suggests that routine, periodic stress echo testing in patients with no symptoms who have undergone PCI or CABG is costly and “probably not worth the effort”.

CT orders level off as awareness of radiation risk grows – Urging by physician organizations to think twice before doing imaging studies is having an impact.

Asking your doctor smart health questions – If you go to the doctor for a routine visit and it is suggested that you have routine health maintenance tests or treatments and you are fine with that, then there is not much to ask. If you have a concern about the necessity of a test or procedure, try to figure out what your concern is so you can verbalize it.

What the Supreme Court’s Health-Law Ruling Means for Consumers – Questions and Answers

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