Intelligent Healthcare: Managing Low Back Pain at eviCore

One word: Inspired.

I was watching a TEDMED talk the other day, you know….the short video presentations where the speaker tells a story? This particular talk was about cleaning water that was polluted, as told by Peter Janicki.  During the video, pictures of shanty towns littered with trash were situated near the water sources. What does cleaning water have to do with helping our clients and their members, or patients, or your husband or mother, get better treatment for their lower back pain? Sit tight. I will get to that.

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At eviCore we have been managing high cost musculoskeletal procedures in the form of hi-tech imaging, pain procedures, and spinal surgeries related to chronic and sometimes debilitating low back pain for over 7 years. We do this well and it is a good thing that we do. About 20% of a given commercial health plan’s population have a musculoskeletal procedure in a given year, and the cost of the members with these procedures amounts to about 20% of total healthcare costs. Moreover, one individual in eight will miss work due to painful musculoskeletal issues, resulting in decreased productivity.

Back to the water…

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DBT is a Hot Topic

DBT_hot topic

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis is a hot topic

You have probably heard something about Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), a technology that offers an innovative way of performing breast cancer screenings. The X-ray source is rotated over a limited arc angle while the breast is compressed, acquiring a series of low-dose exposures that create a series of digital images. These projection-view (PC) images are then reconstructed into thin slices and pulled together to create a 3D image that may reduce the camouflaging effects of overlaying fibroglandular tissues. The disadvantages and advantages of this new technology vary with each system, and there still isn’t a universally accepted version of the optimal application. With all the evolving opinions about it, we at eviCore healthcare are here to provide you with the latest on DBT.

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Hang up the phone: eviCore’s web process just got a whole lot easier

If you spend much time on our website you may have noticed a few recent upgrades to our online authorization request process. And these aren’t just minor upgrades either; they include some really cool features like Pause-and-Save and Document uploading. Multiple teams at eviCore healthcare have put in tons of hours to make these new features a reality and roll them out. Today we want to give you a little glimpse into their efforts. Read on to find out how Jennifer Mason and her team are handling this rollout. 

At eviCore, one of our top priorities is to make the prior authorization process as convenient and efficient as possible for providers. With that in mind, we conducted a time comparison study of web and phone initiated cases. Using random cases, we found that the average phone case takes roughly 12.5 minutes to complete vs. the average web case taking less than 1.5 minutes. An office could reclaim approximately 11 minutes of time per case by using the web!
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The Value of Coordinated Care – A Physician Practice Perspective

Chet Speed provides an insightful perspective on the value of coordinated care.  Much of the content in his presentation comes from thousands of conversations with CEOs and CMOs from top group practices in the country. He becomes the voice of these group practices, allowing him to accurately explain their thoughts on moving forward in the changing industry.  Speed also addresses ACOs, exploring their genesis and some of the challenges they face today.

The Exchange Morass: What Worked, What Didn’t, and What to Expect


Piper Su, Vice President for Healthcare Policy at The Advisory Board Company, discusses exchanges at the 2014 CareCore National Healthcare Summit. 

The highlights from her talk, listed below, were written by CareCore’s Dunston Almeida.

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